On October 9, 2010 a Borzoi puppy was hit by a car in Daejeon, South Korea. He was brought to the city pound, where his mangled legs were wrapped in surgical tape. He was not given any other veterinary care. He weighed about 45 pounds.

On October 11, a woman named Nataliya was at the pound and saw Born to Run huddled in his cage. She was unable to take him out because there is a mandatory 10 day waiting period. She was determined to get him out but did not know whom to ask for help. After several days she heard about a group named Animal Rescue Korea. She contacted them, and on October 18, Born to Run was released.

Nataliya brought him to Africa Clinic, where he tested positive for parvovirus. He weighed 22 pounds. There is a Youtube video of him lying on the vet's examining table

Africa clinic did not have any parvovirus serum, so ordered it. It arrived the next day and Born to Run was put on an IV. He died that night. He was cremated the next day.

Since then, ARK has learned that Born to RUN was bred by a man who operates a borzoi puppymill on the rooftop of his apartment building. The dogs live in small cages and get no exercise. They are fed the cheapest of foods. This man imported the sire and dam from Russia. His puppies are skinny and have crooked legs. Nataliya bought one of them, but the breeder is keeping the other two, both females.

Here is a link to the ARK page with pictures of Born to Run.

Warning: these pictures are graphic and horrifying.

Born to Run is at peace, but how many more borzoi will suffer and die because of this puppymill?

This little boy did not know a gentle touch, a soft bed, or a full stomach. he knew, hunger, fear, pain, and death. he died before he could live. no borzoi deserves this. Many of us were deeply moved by his plight and devastated when he passed away. we plan to memorialize him and give him the respect he never received in his too-brief life.  we will do this in an upcoming issue of the borzoi connection.